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Blanket Loans for SFR and Multi-Family Portfolio Investors

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Multi-Property Loans

 Property Types:                   1-4 Family, Condos, PUDs

Minimum # of Properties:   5

Loan Purpose:                      Purchase and Refinance

Loan Term:                            5, 10 or 30 Year

LTV Recourse:                     Up to 75%

Non-Recourse:                     Up to 60%

Rate Type:                             Fixed

Rates:                                     As low as 7%

Minimum Property Value:   $50,000

Borrower Types:                   Single Person Entities (e.g. LLC)

Recourse:                              Recourse  / Non-Recourse

Security:                                First Mortgage & Equity Pledge

Loan Amount:                       $150,000 to $5,000,000

Amortization:                         30-Year

Prepayment Premium:        30 Year: None / 5 & 10 Year: Yes

Real Estate Tax & Insurance Escrows Yes

Minimum FICO:                    620

Cross Collateralization:      Yes


Fix & Flip: Lines Of Credit

 Term: 6-12 Months

Line Amount $50,000 to $5,000,000

Fico Minimum 620

Net Worth Minimum $150,000

Reserves 20% of Requested Line Amount


Fix & Flip: Loans

 Loan Purpose:          Purchase and Renovation

Property Types:        Non-owner occupied residential. (Single family                                       and multi-family up to 30 units.)

Borrower Types:       Individual or LLCs Loan

Term:                          Typically 9 months, but can range from 3-24                                           months

Security:                    First Mortgage

Loan Amounts:         $50,000 – $2,500,000

LTV:                            1-4 Units The lesser of 85% of acquisition and                                         rehab costs or 65% of after repaired value                                                (ARV)

LTV:                            Multi-Family up to 30 Units The lesser of 75%                                         of acquisition and rehab costs or 60% of ARV

Amortization:             Interest Only

Prepayment Premium: None

Recourse:                  Recourse


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