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Small Business Programs

Global Capital Funding Group (GCFG) is one of the industry’s pre-eminent capital advisory firms to businesses world wide. Our clients’ financing needs are addressed quickly, efficiently and with a human touch, regardless of their credit history.  We do not target a specific industry.  In fact, we serve restaurants, franchises, retail stores, automotive shops, doctors, manufacturers and more, continually expanding our expertise and our clients’ abilities and opportunities through business funds.  We offer customized programs for every size and type of company. Here are just a few:

Business - SBA Loans

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, purchase or refurbish equipment, take on new real estate or refinance an existing mortgage...


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Equipment Financing

Global Capital Funding Group (GCFG) finances almost every type of equipment for any industry.  We can provide you with equipment...


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IOU Funding Program

Have the banks said no? If so, make sure to check out our IOU Loan Program. We have non=collateralized simple interest business loans up to $100k...


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