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IOU Funding Program

Bank Says No? Check out our IOU Funding Program! Here are some highlights:


  • Non-Collateralized simple interest Business loans up to $100k.
  • 14.99 % simple interest rate on 12 month loans.
  • 12.99% on 6 month loans.
  • Loan funds can be used for ANY business purpose
  • No fee to apply or qualify!

An IOU loan can help you:


  • Buy new equipment
  • Hire more people
  • Make needed repairs
  • Expand your store
  • Buy more inventory
  • Increase your marketing

What are the benefits for me?


  • No up front costs or pre-payment penalties
  • Improves your credit score
  • Daily loan repayment

How we compare:


how we compare


How to apply: Simply click below:


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