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Joint Venture Equity

Project equity is integral to the structured finance approach GCFG takes with many of its assignments. Clients frequently need a joint venture equity partner in order to meet their required capital needs. GCFG’s clients realize significant added value when the firm advises on all components of a project’s capital structure.

GCFG’s extensive knowledge of the appetites and desired equity structure of domestic and foreign, institutional and high net worth investors, is unparalleled in the industry. Its approach is to thoroughly understand the underlying real estate asset and the business plan that the client will implement to add value.

The firm will undertake a thorough analysis of the deal elements and underwrite the transaction based on real-time knowledge of the constantly changing capital markets. This knowledge allows GCFG to marry the right equity structure, and most importantly, the right equity partner, to each client’s unique set of circumstances.

Finally, GCFG utilizes its experience as a sponsor to negotiate on behalf of its clients, the most favorable terms available given the risk profile of the transaction.


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