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Having Trouble Getting a Line of Credit from Your Bank?

Introducing our new Unsecured Line of credit (ULOC) financing!

As I’m sure you are aware, the lending market has become increasingly difficult to operate in. Credit lines are being pulled, banks have stopped lending, notes are being called and the usual avenues of funding have dried up. Global Capital Funding Group, LLC understands your concerns and embraces the opportunity to present a solution for you. We specialize in helping businesses find the funding for expansion, acquisitions, or refinance of old debt. We specialize in getting you funded when the bank says no.

 “Problems always become opportunities when the right people come together. “  – John Csaszar – Global Capital Funding Group, LLC

Here are a few options available with our ULOCs

Credit lines up to $150,000 and can be closed quickly. Generally within two weeks and requires very little documentation with a simple one page application.


  • This program is for clients that have 700+ credit scores
  • Tier 1 lines of credit come with interest rates from 0%-19.9%
  • Payments are interest only and works very similar to a HELOC or traditional LOC
  • You DO NOT need to have a business to obtain this LOC
  • There is NO income verification (no tax returns or financials)
  • Use this ULOC to satisfy equity requirements for most capital market transactions
  • Purchase a business
  • Expansion capital
  • JV partnership opportunities
  • Pay off balloon notes
  • Investments in NPL’s, distressed asset acquisition.  Just about anything!

Tier 2

  • What happens when you have a borrower with bruised credit? Say a 520…
  • Tier 2 ULOCs are NOT for start ups
  • The business must be in existance for at least one year
  • They must have a physical location
  • No home based or internet only business will qualify
  • Business must have at least 150k in annualized gross sales
  • We look to fund 5-8% of annualized gross sales.  So if the company does 150k in gross revenue and we are able to approve them at 8% of gross sales the ULOC would be $12,000
  • Even though we call it a ULOC it truly is a term structure that is for a maximum of 12  months
  • All owners must sign for the ULOC
  • No open Bankruptcies prior BK’s are ok!
  • All tax liens must be on a payment plan
  • These transactions can fund in one week or less

Tier 3

*$5,000 to $35,000*

Start Up Program

  • Clients to consider for this program are anyone with less than 2 years time in business.
  • Home ownership required
  • Need 20% equity in home per
  • 60% home equity line availability or greater
  • 700 FICO credit score or better
  • 60% revolving debt available or greater with less than $12,000 in credit card debt


Documentation needed:

  • Last 2 years complete personal tax returns on pure start up (0-1 year TIB) & corporate returns on business between 1 to 2 years TIB
  • Last 4 months personal checking account statements if pure start up & last 6 months if business is between 1 to 2 years TIB
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • ACH payments are required
  • 42 month term with a factory rate of .03276
  • Site visit required on all deals


  • Business is approved for $20,000.00
  • Payment is the factor rate of .03276 X 20k
  • Payment is $655.20 monthly
  • So the start up loan is paid off 42 months

We also have many other financing programs available


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